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The 5 Year Plan


For the next five years, Camp Imadene will focus on enhancing and modernizing our primary site programs and facilities to ensure ongoing effectiveness in fulfilling our mission and purpose.

Since our relocation to the Mesachie Lake site 32 years ago from Maple Bay, our programs have expanded by 102%, and our staff team has experienced significant growth. Despite this, our facilities and programs have undergone limited upgrades to accommodate this expansion efficiently.

While the camp staff has devised creative solutions to manage this growth, the ability to provide quality services, maintain our equipment, and administer programs effectively is hindered by aging buildings, restricted office space, and equipment nearing or past its useful lifespan.

Our primary objectives over the next five years involve comprehensive upgrades to camper facilities, the maintenance department, administration spaces, and staff accommodations. Simultaneously, we are committed to refining our summer programs and activities, with a steadfast focus on introducing individuals of all ages to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Program Focus

Camp Imadene delivers a well-established program that promotes its purpose and mission statement. We are known to be a top producer of quality Christian camping in BC. Our stellar reputation for producing exceptional staff and programs has proven effective in promoting the Christian faith.

Finding the delicate equilibrium between effective ministry and financial sustainability is paramount for Camp Imadene's continued relevance. The camp's fundamental purpose revolves around introducing individuals to Jesus Christ through regular Bible teaching and demonstrating Christian love within the community. Emphasizing a philosophy of summer camp ministry grounded in relationship-building, the camp prides itself on fostering a sense of family and unity, integral to Camp Imadene's identity. The intimate atmosphere allows campers and staff to connect on a personal level, creating a genuine and close-knit community that enhances the presentation of the gospel in an authentic manner.

This strategic approach ensures flexibility for current programs, optimal property use, and the capacity for future generations to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Goals for the program:

  1. Continue delivering impactful summer and off-season programs that introduce children, teens, and adults to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We will keep our Biblical focus. 

  2. Enhance and sustain initiatives supporting the spiritual development of both campers and staff.

  3. Explore and implement post-camp programs that establish lasting connections between campers and faith communities.

  4. Maintain a commitment to reaching full capacity each summer, striving to consistently occupy the current camper accommodations of 192 weekly beds (16 cabins), with no plans to exceed this limit in the foreseeable future.

  5. Invest in upgrading facilities, operational equipment, and activities to ensure effective support and management of our current and anticipated participant load.

  6. Strategically plan and build to accommodate a combined total of 400 staff and campers.

  7. Expand and refine existing off-season camp retreats while actively seeking opportunities for innovative new off-season programs.

  8. Consider the development of Imadene West to incorporate more permanent facilities for our training programs, focusing on versatile use for both summer and off-season activities.

Program Project Highlights

The camp continuously seeks activities and programs that promote team and relationship building.  Over the next five years, the camp will continue looking for small and large-scale activities to add to its programs. Listed below are three highlights for the upcoming 2024 year:

  • Sports Court and Center Stage

    • One project of particular significance for this upcoming season is the Sports Court and Stage. 

    • This project was an integral part of our Waterfront Expansion Plan, approved in 2012, which has seen completion in every aspect except the sports court and a permanent stage.

    • The Sports Court, designed for basketball, ball hockey, pickleball, events, outdoor banquets, large gatherings, and occasional chapel services, will be a key component of our camp's infrastructure.

    • The Center Stage will be the heart of our gathering times.  Campers and staff will gather several times daily before meals, games, and other special events.  This stage will bring us together and give us a sense of direction.

  • Upgrades to the Water Inflatable Park

    • This is our second most popular water activity for campers and is the number one activity that campers want to see upgraded.

  • Axe Throwing Range

    • Axe throwing has become a mainstream activity for camps and the general public.

    • At Imadene, Axe throwing has already been an activity for Wildside and our Women’s Outdoor Adventure weekends. 

    • A permanent structure will ensure the safety of the participants and spectators.

See the COMPLETE LIST of 2024 projects.

Our Staffing Focus

Ensuring Camp Imadene achieves its purpose and mission statement requires many committed staff and volunteers. These include:


  • Year-Round Paid

  • Summer Staff Paid

  • Summer Volunteers

  • Off-Season Volunteers


Year Round Paid


This dedicated team provides the foundation for the camp programs to be successful, and they oversee and facilitate the following camp departments:


  • Executive

  • Administration

  • Food Services

  • Guest Services

  • Programs

    • Spiritual

    • Physical

  • Operations


Each department works together to achieve the goal of introducing people to Christ, and staff often accept multiple responsibilities.  Non-profits need to focus their resources, so it is essential to find staff willing and able to receive a broad job description.  As a seasonal organization, staff must adapt their responsibilities to remain productive year-round.


Paid Summer Staff


The last two camping seasons have proven the value of a summer-long staff team.


The key benefits of summer-long staff members are:


  • Consistency with our Biblical message and the quality of our programs.

  • Reliability in filling key positions each week of the summer.

  • Accountability - Each summer staff has a responsibility to perform their duties. 

  • Training - All summer staff receive training before the summer and throughout the season.

  • Community - Over the course of the summer, staff support each other like family.

  • Spiritual Development - The summer staff are challenged to grow in their faith throughout the season.

  • Financial Support - Summer staff receive compensation, which allows them to continue their post-secondary education while serving the Lord in a solid faith community. 



Volunteers play a significant role in supporting the summer ministry, and we use people’s various giftings to enhance each week of the summer.


Several vital positions that volunteers can excel in during the summer are:


  • Speakers

  • Nurses

  • Kitchen Helpers

  • Support Staff

  • Weekly Cabin Leader


The off-season presents many opportunities for volunteers to use their skills to help the camp move forward and be maintained.

Our Facilities and Operation Focus

Camp Imadene has owned the Main Site on Mesachie Lake since 1984 and has been operating summer camps since 1992 at this location.


When the property was initially purchased, three buildings remained from the Hillcrest lumber mill.  These buildings included the workshop, the duplex (mill office) and the dryshed.  The camp uses each of these buildings in its original location. All other buildings and infrastructure have been built by the camp.


2024 will mark 33 summers of running camps at the Mesachie Lake location.  The last permanent new building, Willow Lodge, was constructed 30 years ago, in 1994. Even though we have doubled our capacity since 1992, only a few additions to buildings and some temporary structures have been added to support the camp's growth.

The camp has identified five operational areas that need addressing.


  1. Maintenance and Operations

    • We aim to move the maintenance area to the back of our property, away from where campers stay.

    • To keep our buildings and equipment in good shape, we need a workspace that can handle different trades. The current workshop is inefficient, so we plan to build a new one that can effectively handle various work situations.

    • Since our camp operates seasonally, we've invested in equipment that needs proper storage during the off-season. For example, ski boats need a dedicated space to prevent deterioration when not in use. At the new maintenance area, we will create proper storage facilities to keep our equipment in good condition throughout the year.

  2. Administration

    • As the camp expanded, the need for more office space also grew. When we first moved to Mesachie Lake, the staff team was smaller, and we built a small administration space. However, we have outgrown it, with 3 to 4 people sharing the same workstation. We're also using lodge space for various department offices.

    • The new Administration office will be placed where the current workshop is, making it more accessible to people arriving at camp. It will improve security, by keeping visitors and deliveries farther away from program areas.

  3. Staff Accommodations​

    • We need seasonal accommodation for married/mature staff and volunteers. 

    • Summer Camp is a job that requires long work days. We have staff who commute daily from distances over 30 minutes away.  Having a place to stay on-site with their families for the summer or when they must host a guest group will allow them to maintain healthy family relationships while performing their responsibilities.

  4. Camper facilities

    • The dining area does not fit all the campers in the same area at once, some eat inside, while others eat outside.  We plan to address this issue by building a larger eating area.  As we progress with our five-year plan, we will determine the best way to address this need.

    • Camper washroom facilities need to be upgraded, and the plan is to build an additional washroom facility that will include single-gender washrooms.

  5. Septic

    • An assessment will be done on our Septic System to verify if our fields can handle our current load and any future facilities.​

    • Before any new facilities requiring washroom facilities are built, this assessment will need to be completed

    • Identified upgrades from the assessment must be addressed before any significant facility upgrades can be accomplished.

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