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help every child come to camp

sponsorship fund

The sharp rise in the cost of living and the impact of COVID has affected many people.


In 2022, we gave the most significant amount ever for sponsorships.

125 campers received sponsorship money last year.

The camp awarded a total of $48,000in 2022.


This year's goal is to award at least $30,000
The camp is $10,000 short of that objective. 


we need your help
2023 Projects
General Fund

Each year the Camp relies on the Imadene community to help offer affordable camping experiences to families across Vancouver Island.  Our focus this year is to upgrade critical infrastructure and update several activities.

After two slow years during the pandemic and a reduced year-round staff team, our facilities and activities need some TLC.  Listed below are only a few of the many projects we would like to accomplish this year with your help.

Please contact Chris Burdge to find out how you can help.

1.800.445.7575 or e-mail


new dishwasher = $34,000

Camp Imadene has been using the same dishwasher since we moved to Mesachie Lake in 1992, which means it is over 30 years old. This past summer, the machine struggled to keep up with the demand and was often down for maintenance. A brand-new conveyor-style dishwasher will increase efficiency, 
reduce wash time in half, and require less maintenance. 


laser tag = $25,000

Camp Imadene uses activities to build relationships through teamwork and trust. We are excited to add Laser Tag as an activity for summer 2023.

Laser Tag is a safe and fast action game where teams try to score the most points by tagging the other team or capturing their base.


2 new cabents = $10,000

Every year, campers are turned away from camp because we need more sleeping accommodations for them. We are excited to build two new “Safari” style cabents. With this new design, each cabent will sleep 12 campers and two cabin leaders, allowing 24 more campers to hear the gospel each week. 


Lodge rock wall
and walkway = $11,300

The new rock retaining wall which was installed as part of the staff outdoor eating area looks so good that we want to extend it along the parking side of the Lakeview and Willow lodges. Over the years, the current concrete walkways have settled, leaving dangerous tripping hazards.  New walkways are needed, so our guests don’t have to worry about tripping in the dark.

Contact Chris Burdge to give towards one of these projects

1.800.445.7575 or email

Mortgage update

$1.2 Million Remaining

Since 2010, Camp Imadene has secured critical parcels of land (170+ acres in total) around Mesachie Lake.


These lands were purchased to ensure our programs continue enjoying God's creation's beauty in a peaceful and safe environment.


The Imadene Society Board of Directors is developing a strategic plan that will include ways to utilize these lands as we fulfill our mission of introducing Children, Teens, and Adults to Jesus Christ.

Our monthly mortgage payments of $11,500 significantly slow our ability to look toward the future.

$104,482 was paid toward the principal in 2022.


Help us pay off the rest!  

Contact Chris Burdge to give towards one of these projects

1.800.445.7575 or email

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