Camp Imadene's Restart 

The journey back to regular summer camps has begun!

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Camp Imadene's Backbone




Camp Imadene's commitment to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christian growth starts with our dedicated year-round staff team.

Prior to COVID, the team consisted of eight hardworking people. When the pandemic hit, the tough decision was made to reduce the staff to only three people. 


We are hopeful to run at full capacity in Summer 2022.

The road to achieving this hope begins now.

As we rebuild the necessary staff team, it presents a significant increase in costs.

Our revenue does not become strong until May when registration fees start coming in.

Help us rebuild our team!

Securing the Future

Lake Properties


Property Mortgage

$1.3 Million Remaining

Since 2010, Camp Imadene has secured key parcels of land (170+ acres in total) around Mesachie Lake.


These lands were purchased to ensure our programs will continue enjoying the beauty of God's creation in a peaceful and safe environment.


The properties will allow the future development of diverse campuses to meet the changing needs of our community and promote Christian growth.

Our mortgage company graciously allowed us to defer payments for a period of time, however, we have recently resumed monthly payments.

Our monthly mortgage payments of $11,500 significantly slow our ability to look towards the future.

The last 11 years have seen Camp Imadene reduce the debt by close to $1,000,000 from the original mortgage.


Help us pay off the rest!