Camp Imadene is offering the opportunity of a lifetime!

Serve God while making friends, learning new skills, and having fun at the same time.

Cabin Leader


Cabin leaders are responsible for sharing the love of Jesus with campers by providing a fun, safe, and engaging camp experience. Working with the summer staff cabin leaders, this person will lead campers through games, activities, discussions, and devotionals from a biblical perspective. The minimum age requirement for this position is 17 years old. Volunteer Cabin leaders can serve for multiple weeks, one month, or the whole summer. Please indicate all dates available when applying.  


Spiritual Support Worker

Similar to the previous role of Camp "Dean," this position will work under the Summer Staff Head Cabin Leaders in providing spiritual care for campers and staff. In addition, this person will play a key role in helping campers who might require special attention feel heard and cared for.

Nurse/Medical Team

The camp nurse plays a vital role at camp; not only do they take care of the bumps and bruises, but they provide a level of comfort and assurance that campers appreciate. Daily tasks include dispensing medication and being on call to take care of minor issues like cuts and bee stings. In addition, they will work closely with the camp's first aid attendants and will be available to assist in the event of an emergency. 

Assistant Head Cook and Kitchen Team Coordinator


This new position is similar to our previous "Head Cook" role; however, the Assistant Head Cook will work under the Food Service Manager, who is responsible for the overall kitchen, including menus and meal preparation. In addition, the Assistant head cook will help the kitchen team succeed in the preparation of meals and will help coordinate work schedules.


Kitchen Team

Camp Imadene is known for its great food. The secret to achieving this is the fantastic volunteers who come and serve each year in the kitchen. Experience the joy of serving with like-minded individuals producing quality food that gives campers and staff the energy needed to experience all that camp has to offer.


Kitchen Team - Special Diets

Camp Imadene recognizes that some people require a special diet for health reasons. This position will focus on making sure those health concerns are fulfilled.  

Support Staff - Kitchen

This support position helps the kitchen team by making sure equipment is clean and ready to be used. Duties include pot washing and daily kitchen cleaning. When not needed in the kitchen, this position will help in other areas of camp where needed. 

Support Staff - Boat Driver

As Boat Driver, this person will be required to have experience driving competition-style ski boats pulling various activities. Must be at least 19 yrs old, have a valid Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), and have a standard first-aid certificate or equivalent. When not driving boats, this person will help in various other areas of camp where needed.

Support Staff - Crafts

Craft time is a valuable part of the camp as it allows unique opportunities to build relationships while being creative. Our craft workers will be responsible for instruction and guidance as campers learn new skills and create keepsakes to take home with them at the end of the week. 

Support Staff - Waterfront

The waterfront support staff will help organize and keep our ski and tube program run efficiently while helping instruct and teach campers new waterfront skills. In addition, when the waterfront is not open, these staff will assist in various other areas of camp where needed.

Support Staff - Housekeeping and Dining Room

This role helps Camp Imadene operate smoothly. Duties include housekeeping, dishwashing, janitorial, grounds maintenance, activity leading, and other tasks supporting the summer program. Volunteer Support Staff can serve for multiple weeks, one month, or the whole summer. Please indicate all dates available when applying. The minimum age for this position is 15 years old.