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Strategic Plan


Camp Imadene has a long history of providing fun-filled, safe, and wholesome Christian Camping, where we introduce children, teens, and adults to Jesus Christ and encourage Christian growth through Bible teaching, prayer, and service.

The purpose of this strategic plan is to be explicit about how Camp Imadene will continue providing quality Christian care over the next five years regarding:

  • Spiritual Development

  • Staffing

  • Programming

  • Buildings and Property Development

In 1926, Camp Imadene was founded by Miss Lenora Rice, who felt called to share the story of Jesus with children from all over Vancouver Island. For over 95 years, Jesus Christ has continuously used this place to demonstrate his love and invite children, teens and adults to follow him. This ministry has seen countless lives changed because of the love of Jesus Christ.

With this beautiful heritage shaping us and a bright mission calling us forward, we press on to make the mission and vision of Camp Imadene a reality so that children, teens, and adults will continue to experience Jesus and grow in their faith.

This plan sets the bold goals Imadene will pursue over the next few years as we approach our 100th year of operation. Based on this plan, we will develop specific strategies and timelines to bring greater clarity to the staff and board’s work in achieving these goals.

The Camp Imadene board of directors thanks the Imadene Society membership and those who provided input for their willingness to give prayerful insight into this plan.

Our Mission

In a fun-filled, safe, and wholesome Christian Camping environment, we will introduce children, teens, and adults to Jesus Christ, and we will encourage Christian growth through Bible teaching, prayer, and service.

Spiritual Development

How we seek to introduce people to Jesus and have them grow and deepen in their faith walk:

Goal 1: Provide a consistent and Christ-centered teaching framework that is age and context appropriate.

Goal 2: Provide a comprehensive curriculum program for the spiritual development of summer staff and volunteers.

Goal 3: Provide a report on the viability of additional spiritual development programs, including programs for multiple age groups. Including but not limited to adult retreats, pastor retreats, Bible-themed conferences, men’s and women’s retreats, etc.

Goal 4: Engage with the local community in the area of spiritual development

Who we want to be on the front line of making our mission and vision a reality:

Goal 1: Provide a program of staff development that increases the profile of Camp as a top employer.

Goal 2: Provide a program that enables staff to be successful and which promotes staff retention and recruitment.

Goal 3: Create succession plans for key roles (ED, maintenance, chef, etc.).

Goal 4: Expand and communicate opportunities for engagement in Camp work through volunteer or employment.


The activities we will provide which promote genuine relationships between staff and campers:

Goal 1: Provide programs that facilitate genuine relationships between staff, volunteers and campers, building trust and a sense of well-being amongst all participants.

Goal 2: Explore the development of programs that promote Camp Imadene’s mission statement through outdoor wilderness pursuits.

Goal 3: Explore the development of programs that promote Camp Imadene’s mission statement, explicitly identifying the needs of families through family camps.

Buildings and Property Development

The buildings and grounds that create the spaces and places staff run programs introduce campers
to Jesus, and seek to form disciples:


Goal 1: Complete the assessment for maintenance and upgrade of existing buildings, considering future needs.

Goal 2: Implement a maintenance and upgrade strategy based on the assessment identified in Goal 1.

Goal 3: Review multiple program options/opportunities for our current properties and, considering currently applicable data (current trends in camping, risks, financing, needs/interests of our target market, opportunities, and limitations of the Imadene properties, etc.), chart a course for short (less than five years) and long (5-20 years) term
program development.

Note: Upon completing Buildings and Development: Goal 3, a plan will be developed for our facilities' highest and best possible use. The program comes first but is contingent on the potential and limitations of our properties and facilities.

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