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The essence of the WOA weekend is to facilitate relaxation by our picturesque lakefront, share laughter around the campfire, and engage in enjoyable activities.

A truly worthwhile women's weekend away should not only offer a picturesque setting but also recharge your batteries. This retreat provides delectable meals, comfortable accommodations, and Christian renewal from a biblical perspective.

If you have a passion for the outdoors and want to deepen that connection, or if you would prefer to learn new skills, then this all-inclusive weekend is tailored just for you!

All women, aged 18 and above, from diverse walks of life and various stages of their personal journey, are warmly welcomed. Whether you yearn for a leisurely stroll along the trails or wish to challenge your abilities, the fun and relaxing atmosphere will satisfy your soul.


All you need to bring are your pillow, sleeping bag, towels, and, of course, your sense of adventure! Join us for a weekend filled with rejuvenation, laughter, and delightful experiences.

Please note: A full list of activities and workshop options will be provided once they are finalized and will be made known to everyone who has registered after January 8th


COST: $315

MAY 24-26

 At Camp Imadene


Adventure awaits on the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Spend the day or just a few hours kayaking and exploring the world-famous Broken Group Islands. After your time out, you can relax in the hot tub or inside at the Broken Islands Lodge.

Explore at your own pace while enjoying delicious meals, visiting new and old friends, hiking in the old-growth forest, viewing the plentiful wildlife, and being refreshed with Christian fellowship.

We've got everything covered for this weekend. Just bring your sense of adventure.

Please note that Camp Imadene and Broken Islands Lodge will not provide kayak guides. 

Any kayaking will be done at your own pace and at your own risk.  


COST: $560

MAY 31 - JUNE 2

 At Broken Islands Lodge

beach kayak.jpg

Accommodations will be assigned based on your room mate requests and availability.

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